'La Historia de la Luz'
Orquesta de la Luz


Audio CD (July 26, 1994)
Original Release Date: July 26, 1994

Not just the best salsa band ever to come out of Japan, Orquesta De La Luz was distinguished by its terrific horn section and its idiosyncratic lead singer Nora. In the mid-90's the band overdosed on ballads and jazzy numbers, and once they broke up Nora went back to uncomplicated full-out salsa. (DBW)

Nora, vocals; Gen Ogimi, percussion (left after Sin Fronteras); Carlos Kanno, percussion; Genichi Egawa, timbales (left after second album); Gen Date, conga (left after Somos Diferentes); Hiroshi Sawada, bass (left after fourth album, replaced by Hiroyasu Ito); Satoru Shoinoya, piano, keyboards; Shiro Sasaki, trumpet; Tatsuya Shimogami, trumpet (first album only, replaced by Shigeru Terauchi); Yoshihito Fukumoto, trumpet; Hideaki Nakaji, trombone; Taisei Aoki, trombone. Co-producer/arranger Sergio George contributed keyboards occasionally. Band broke up, 1995.

This album has beautiful brass, great arrangements, and a solid Latin feel that can only be produced by masters of the music, even if they are not Latino! Highly recommended for salsa lovers!

1. Cuero Sono (Mambo Live Version)
2. Mambo De La Luz
3. El Me Ama, Yo Le Amo
4. Tu Eres El Hombre
5. Salsa Con Sabor
6. Salsa No Tiene Frontera
7. Salsa Es Mi Energia
8. Somos Diferentes
9. Descarga De La Luz
10. El Agua De Belen
11. Salsa Y Control
12. Salsa Caliente Del Japon (Live Version)

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